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The publishing house Orientalia Parthenopea Edizioni has arisen from the long experience of the Cultural Association Orientalia Parthenopea sprang within the milieu of the Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale” and intends to bring to the book market publications related to Oriental (Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, Near and Middle East, Inner Asia and South and East Asia) and Comparative studies.


Specializing in Print On Demand book services we provide the complete range of services necessary to realize and publish books, journals, reviews, issues and other kinds of editorial products of high quality even in limited edition.


Our services are oriented to academic institutions, professors, scholars, students, bookshops, public and private institutions, cultural associations, etc. providing support through the whole process of the realization of the product from editing to the distribution.

To the author, who pays no cost of publication, we offer the possibility to buy the required number of copies at a reduced price.

Thanks to the free ISBN it’s possible to sale and spread the product in the world adding it in the most appropriate catalogues. Furthermore, the publishing house fulfils the requirements of the legal deposit as well and through mailing-lists and newsletters informs the scholars of the corresponding scientific-disciplinary sectors at international level, the national and international libraries and the other institutes that could be interested or indicated by the author about the new releases.

The publishing house is glad to accept and publish works written also in foreign languages.




Alfredo Criscuolo

Lessosemantica degli zoonimi nel semitico nordoccidentale del I millennio a.C.



Giovanni Borriello (ed. by)

Orientalia Parthenopea XVIII





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